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A taste of Nigeria in Madrid.

My last post I wrote about how I was going to search for another dynamic church well my prayer was more than answered. My friend Liz and I mistakenly ended up in a  Nigerian church. I had searched google maps the night before for the directions so we ended at the right place and then we saw an African woman walking well dressed. I don’t know what came into me and I told Liz ” lets follow the woman she will lead us to a church”.

True to my word we ended in a church in an uncompleted building full of women wearin “gele” and “ashoke” . It was the church’s  “Womens Day”. They had not started service yet, there was a bible study going on. The usher led us to the second row of chairs just behind the pastors seats. Can you imagine!

Worship and Praise was hilarious, the voices were like screeching, the instumentals seemed to be off beat. I tried so hard to control myself. To make matters worse I hadn’t eaten before leaving the tummy was grumbling amidst all the cacophony happening. The women had so many presentations that they called ” special number”. It included testimonies,songs etc.

Later they had a “sword drill” (anyone who went to an African sunday school knows this). There were 3 participants all women obviously. One had turn her bible upside down, one had a small bible and seemed utterly confused and the middle one was the most promising. The woman in charge of the game said scriptures in the bible. She said Habakuk, Nahum and Nehemiah and the women will be searching somewhere in the new testament near Revelations.  The woman who looked “utterly confused” all of a sudden started finding the scriptures really easy until the Pastor remarked to us that she had been opening the table of contents before searching for the scripture. At that point we couldn’t help it we had to laugh.

The preaching was good. The woman who preached from what I understood was the wife of the overhead Bishop. But, after all I had heard and seen all I wanted to do was go home and eat. The only thing funny about the message was when she said “pursue” and “difference” it ended up sounding like “parshoo” and ” differen”.

It was a great experience for me but I think Liz thinks otherwise. She might not come with me next week. We checked for the right church on our way back so I will go there next week.

Hearts of Oak fans in Accra have their motto to be; Never say die till the bones are rotten!

Besos, hasta pronto.

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Mi primera iglesia Español.

El domingo pasado fue a una iglesia bautista en mi barrio. Fue una buena experiencia pero la iglesia es muy pqueña los miembros de la iglesia enteros son aproximadamente 20 y no había coro. Ademas,yo no entiendo la mitad de lo que dijeron. Pero,el pastor o un anciano fue muy amable conmigo, se sentó junto a mí y trató de compartir su Biblia conmigo Me encanta la música y me encanta cantar en la iglesia! Como resultado, el servicio de la iglesia en mi opinión, le faltaba algo.

Mis amigas Yvonne y Mabel tenian suerte porque son Catolicas y en España hay catedrales en todas partes. En frente de nuestra residencia hay una catedral entonces, ella pueden dormir hasta el segundo servicio despertar tarde,prepararse en pocos minutos y estar listo para la iglesia.

Well, so my first time in a Spanish church was not bad a little calm for an African christian, Y’all know how we do it in our churches. Lol.

Anyways the search is not over yet found another Evangelical church not too far but, farther than the one I visited last  week. There seems to be more youth there, hope all will be well.


Mañana va a ser una semana

Llegamos el domingo pasado  en España cansado pero nervioso acerca de lo que está por venir. En el aeropuerto nos dimos cuenta de que no tenía suficientes monedas para hacer una llamada a la secretaria de la residencia que tenía que darnos las llaves de nuestras habitaciones. Teníamos que encontrar un autobús que nos llevará a nuestro destino. No era fácil hablar nuestra españolas roto para un nativo de la lengua.

After all the stress we had to go through to call and find a bus to our residence. We finally settled into a comfortable bus with a sympathetic driver. He was about to put the engine into roar when he noticed some Real Madrid called ‘Khedira’. I didn’t know him, all I know is Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. L0l

My girlfriend Yvonne a ‘sportaholic’ managed to take a picture of him and his pals.

This week was fun. We roamed around the city, bought our gorceries, phone chip and gathered on banking policies here(soo complicated). Tomorrow it will be a week since we arrived and tomorrow I will attend for the first time a Spanish church hope the service will be good.


48 hrs in Spain.

I have spent two days in Madrid it is not my first time here but this trip is a whole new experience. I am still suffering from jetlag. The days are longer so it becomes darker at 9pm!!   I am with three friends; Mabel, Yvonne and Elizabeth.  Below is a picture we took with Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.