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Fin de semana en Gandía

Fuí a Gandía una cuidad cerca del mar en la comunidad de Valencia. La cuidad es hermosa y era calma pero hacía tanto frío alli. ¿Cogí un gripe fatal! Went with my church to a Youth Conference, and I got the worst cold of my life. I am not exaggerating here.. I even thought I had malaria. The symptoms were similar to what I felt when I had malaria. I had a cough,cold, fever,  headache and lost my taste buds..oh and I forgot an annoying sore throat. So sorry, if I did not take enough photos.

A whole lot of stuff happened there good, bad and ugly. No quiero hablar del my friend Christina said just take the best from every situation. Thank God I shared a room with her, I would have gone beserk otherwise. I loved the concert of Esparanza y vida a Christian band from España and the message George Wood gave to the youth and the workshop I participated in. Also, I am happy I made friends with Juan a guy from church who met me in the train station when we were leaving to Gandía and came back with me in the same bus and made sure I got a bus back home late in the night before he left for his house. There are still gentlemen around girls 🙂



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