Estoy enfermo :(

I have been sick for the past 3 days!!  I got the flu from my Profesor Gabriel.. I know it sounds unbelievable but our class is arranged in a semicircle and my desk is closest to him, so whenever he sneezes his germs are targeted straight at me. ¡ Que lastima! Thank God I brought along my cold medicine, and my chinese friend Luciana who seets next to me showed us(Liz and I) a small chinese store where we could get ginger!!  So I made my african flu concoction ; lemon,ginger and honey.It wasn’t perfect because it lacked “wintia”(a ghanaian spice).

Later went to my favourite organic shop it is called “Feel Good”. The owner Angél has become a good friend of ours. I bought my honey there and told him I had a cold. Immediately he brought out a sachet of eucalyptus and said I should buy this and respire the vapour. It has really helped because I wasn´t sure I could just go to a pharmacy and ask for a drug without a prescription. In times like this I really miss Ghana!!

P.S this is a picture of my class and the girl in the middle is Luciana, seems like I contaminated her with my flu.. !Espero que te mejores!

P.S.S See my chair is closest to the teacher’s desk the one with the desktop…that is why I got the flu. ¡Gabriel, FATAL! (inside joke)

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