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My inspiration for this month :)

I have been inspired this month by African people like me who are making a difference and enjoying themselves as they are doing that. The first time I heard about Chimamanda Adichie it was through a magazine editorial that described her life story and her sucess as an author. Her most famous book is ‘Purple Hibiscus’ which I have not yet read but will be reading soon as soon as I get a copy. What I love about her is that she is a young African woman, she expresses herself so eloquently in english and she represents the new African generation; young people who are learned and who are creating a different image of Africa to the world.

Another great guy that is inspirational is Chef  Marcus Samuelsson. He is of Ethiopian descent but was adopted by Swedish parents. He explains how all those experiences shape his dishes and how every stumbling block was a blessing in disguise. His warmth, smile and even his dressingg style is contagious. He has gone from cooking in Michellin restaurants to cooking with Michelle Obama. How great is that?


Today´s inspiration

So today I stumbled on this video on facebook and I had to repost it!  This week was great and today especially, Liz and I were invited to a chinese restaurant by Rocío our chinese classmate. She is soo adorable or in chinese “hua wa wa”(doll) or something that sounds close to that. Will post pics soon.

Por favor, mire el video abajo.

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