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¡Feliz año nuevo!

Mi navidad fue diferente de todo lo que he pasado en mi vida poque estuvi aqui en España sin mi familia. Hacia mucho frio aqui y por colmo no podia comer la comida de mi madre. ¡Que pena!

Although this Christmas season was not the best, I am greatful I got to spend time with my friends. My friends and I went to Zaragoza to visit a couple of other friends and I ice skated for the first time in my life! We came back to a prepared dinner made by our chinese ‘friend chef’ Barry and on the 29th we celebrated Yvonne´s birthday(I baked my first chocolate cake). So although I miss family, Ghanaian hot sun, spicy ghanaian dishes etc.. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Here are some pictures chronicling my Christmas holidays!

high on christmas cheer!

high on christmas cheer!DSC01529

ice skating!

ice skating!


Our chinese chef :)

Our chinese chef 🙂

my chocolate faux pas

my chocolate cake faux pas

¡Que tenga un año de felicidad y prosperidad! This year is another chance to do things you have never tried so this year I didn’t write New year resolutions. I have to complete the ones I started in 2012.. Happy New Year!!

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