My steps are guided…even here in Madrid

Before I came to Spain, I prayed for a good church, great friends and of course I googled some of them. The one we all liked was a church called Immanuel Church in Madrid and I would have to take a train about 45 mins and another bus. But, I  got a really good one in my area (more info on previous posts). Anyways I met a girl in my church called Larissa and she has been an inspiration to me. It is so obvious that she is living for Christ and sharing love to everyone. She posted on her blog about a woman she helped out on the streets on Alcalá. The strange thing is that I have seen this woman too countless times, she sells goodluck herbs and I think she reads palms or something.  All the times my friends and I met she tried convincing us to by them and everytime I sensed something gloomy and dark about her. Well Larissa, met her also but she went the extra mile and talked to her, learnt from her that she was illeterate and the only job she could get was what she was doing.  She then decided to help her get a job and searched for jobs online and she also talked to her about Christ. She has spent her semester here helping kids, preaching the gospel, teaching english etc.

Yesterday, I went to my dairy and read the lists of things I wanted to do in Spain before returning to Ghana. I have done two things I have like four more to go.  I pray that God guides my step and I end up doing all of them.

To check her blog click this

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